History CENAREM began in October 1998 in the Federal District, working with first level hospitals such as Hospital Angeles del Pedregal; with government hospitals and NGO Associations.

Due to the response obtained, we had the need to expand in the State of Mexico and later in Guadalajara. The latter made us grow through the Pharmaceutical area through protocols and is how we currently have 30 national and trained intake points.

We have been working with LabCorp since 2009; Its roots begin in 1905, when Hoffmann-La Roche began its operations in the United States. It officially entered the laboratory business when it acquired the Kings County Research Laboratory in 1969. In 1983 Hoffmann-La Roche merged all the companies of its laboratory in a single company, which requested Roche Biomedical Laboratories (RBL). In July 2000, LabCorp acquired in Los Angeles, the National Institute of Genetics, which allows LabCorp to gain ultrasensitive NGI of Hepatitis C, the ability of the test. In 2001, Viromed, one of the leading laboratories for molecular microbiological analysis using real-time PCR platforms, became a part of LabCorp.

Mission At CENAREM we are a laboratory that offers specialized analysis using state-of-the-art technology, thereby guaranteeing technological innovation to support doctors in their diagnoses or discard in a timely manner. Vision We are an organization where we maintain a competitive level in the market, making inroads into new markets, thus creating an infrastructure that is supported by state-of-the-art technology, allows us to carry out a greater number of specialized studies, grow and identify ourselves as a leading company in the field of the use of cutting-edge methodologies for carrying out special tests.

Personal Commitments To promote training and constant updating in order to promote not only professional development, but also in a personal way in our people and in this way to successfully face the commitments acquired with our clients doing it in a professional and committed way. an environment of harmony and cordiality Clients Maintain affordable prices that allow us to support patients, providing them with reliable and timely studies. Support the medical staff through the update on the use of new tools for the diagnosis of different diseases by providing technical notes; hoping to exceed your expectations.

Philosophy To develop in our work in the medical area in an honest and professional manner, which allows us to project to our clients the reliability that supports us in the processes we carry out and thereby maintain the quality of what we do. Values ​​Quality and Reliability Honesty and Teamwork Service and Human warmth Dedication and Commitment